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@OGArabianPrince on being Founding member of NWA

Arabian Prince set the record straight about several things involving N.W.A., including their first record, the original members of the group, and more.  Speaking about the “N.W.A. and the Posse”…


Big L: The Greatest Rapper of All Time #BigL #DITC #GOAT

As rap fans — hip-hop heads, we tend to get into heated debates all of the time. Especially, as people who are passionate and informed about the culture— here, on…


The Living Legend Scarface — @BrotherMob

Melloe Won had the ultimate hip-hop conversation with one of the originators of the southern hip-hop movement, Scarface. Brad “Scarface” Jordan is one of the most prominent voices to ever…


Eazy-E: The Ruthless Life Of An American Gangsta

Now the the movie Straight Outta Compton is out, everyone thinks they are experts on NWA and the story that surrounds The worlds most dangerous group. What we have to…


Warren G to Release “Regulate…G Funk Era Part II” EP

Long Beach OG representative Warren G releases the follow up to his 94′ classic. The five track Regulate…G Funk Era Part II EP includes posthumous vocals from Nate Dogg #RIP along with…