Suga Free & 20 Years of Pimpin’ Concert Recap

White Label Radio & Sean Healy Presents “20 Years of Pimpin” with Suga Free

In March, White Label Radio hosted their very first concert series!

The Show was a total Sold Out success, as they spent a night paying respect to one of the West Coasts most classic album.

Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of ‘Street Gospel’

Sponsored by The Hundreds

Hosted by White Label Radio’s Melloe Won

Music by DJ Mark Luv

HipHop DX came to cover the show, and had a chance to sit down with Suga Free to talk about his past 20 years in the game.

Please also check out The Hundreds Blog Recap Below!

The Hundreds Blog Show Recap




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Money B To Play Himself In Tupac Biopic “All Eyez On Me”

The Tupac biopic All Eyez On Me is starting filming in Atlanta and has a release date that is TBA. The film will cover Tupac’s life and career from his humble beginnings until his late death. Beginning with his days as a backup rapper/dancer for the bay area group, Digital Underground. One member of the group, Money B will be portraying himself in the film. He had a close relationship with Tupac and we look forward to seeing his presence on the film. The biopic is to be directed by Benny Boom and the date is yet to be announced.





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Warren G x Kenny G Mashup “Regulate” On Jimmy Kimmel!

The best #MashUpMonday definitely goes to Warren G and Kenny G when they joined forces on Jimmy Kimmel Live! delivered a funk-drenched, jazzy performance of the hip hop classic “Regulate”.

Kenny G played an amazing synth line to the song on his saxophone, but also provided great melodic assistance as Nate Dogg’s vocals played over the speaker.  The duo was a perfect mesh together, Warren G’s delivery was definitely a compliment to the jazzy makeover the classic song was preformed in.

Watch the video below!



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Ice Cube Premiers Official Trailer for N.W.A Movie

Since it’s inception talk back in 2009, hip hop heads have eagerly been waiting for an N.W.A. biopic, and now it seems closer than ever. The film titled “Straight Outta Compton” is produced by Ice Cube, Dr.Dre and widow of Eazy-E, Tomica Woods-Wright, and it set to be one of the most talked about films in 2015. Ice Cube decided to bless Sydney, Australia in a concert, and premiered the trailer for the biopic. Fans recorded the footage and uploaded it to YouTube for your enjoyment, check it out below!


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C-Murder Feat. Boosie Badazz & Snoop Dogg

Although Boosie has been enjoying life out of prison, C-Murder is still paying up a life sentence for murdering a 16 year old fan back in 2002. But like Boosie, C-Murder is not letting bars keep him from delivering music.  Both of them have teamed with Uncle Snoop and released “Hard 2 Be Black” today in observance of the unfavored verdicts that have been released lately tied to deaths by police force. Check it out below.


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Ice Cube And Elmo Preform Some Astounding Tricks

Hip Hop has transcended into fashion, food, other genre of music, movies, and the list goes on and on. Now, you can add Sesame Street to that list. This week Ice Cube was featured on a segment of Sesame Street preforming magic tricks such as pulling a dinosaur out of a hat and turning himself into an actual Ice Cube (pun intended). He also teaches Elmo the definition of astounding (when something is so amazing, it catches you by surprise, for those of who don’t know).  Check out the clip below, Ice does a rather good job!


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Troublesome 1996…

One of my favorite years in hip-hop has got to be 1996! As we get closer to our 100th episode, we celebrate all the great releases done every year up until the 2000’s, and this Sunday will exclusively feature many of the great albums that were dropped in ‘96.   You probably still rock to many of these tracks….at home parties, at the bar, in your own personal time in your car, feeling like a G, swervin’… so let me take you back to some of my favorite albums.


1. 2pac – All Eyez On Me


You can’t even date this album! It’s in my number one spot for many reasons, but let me just keep this to a minmum. 1. It completely re-defined what westcoast hip hop was about, on so many different levels. Released on February 13, 1996 under Death Row Records it was certified 5x Platinum after just two months. The project has then been certified one of the most influential albums of the 90’s. 2. This album is filled with two whole discs, 27 songs of singles. Producers include Suge Knight, Dj Quik, and DJ Pooh helping the album reach #1 on US Billboard 200 in 1996. 3. “All About U”. Every single time this song is played I can’t help but start singing. A smooth chorus sung by Nate Dogg, a feature from Outlawz and a some realness coming from Snoop at the end made this song one of my favorites.

“I’m still tipsy from last night/ Bumpin these walls as I pause, addicted to the fast life”


2. Jay – Z – Reasonable Doubt

resonable doubt

Lyrical production on the album by the commercial artist is untouchable. Many of the lyrics painted listeners a picture of hustler ambitions matched with material obsessions. This is one of my favorites because of the hard work put into the album, influenced by the lifestyle Jay had to go through before he completed the project. Hova is still one of my favorite rappers to date, but this album holds a special place in my heart.

“Maintainin puttin myself in a position most of these rappers ain’t in/
I’m livin the ill streets blues got you hunger painin/
Nothin to gain and a whole lot to lose you still singin-fool”




3. Outkast – ATLiens


The second album by Outkast, mainly recorded in the city of Atlanta, was a shot for the duo to produce some of the songs themselves. This is in my top three albums of 1996 because the album also gave the duo a chance to re-invent themselves from the roudy party-ers illustrated in their first album. It also sets Outkast apart from the East and the West, it’s a gem in the South. Funky beats and fast word play paint us a picture of community addresses in the South, like poverty, and education. I love this album because of that, the listener can really hear the evolution of Outkast, while getting educated about what’s really happening in the south.

“And I replied that I had been goin through tha same thing that he had/ True I got more fans than the average man but not enough loot to last me to the end of the wee/ I live by the beat like you live check to check”



Even though those were my top 3, there are also a lot of many great releases in ‘96:


Fugees – The Score

The Roots – Illadelph Halflife

Nas – It was Written

Ghostface Killah – Ironman

De La Soul – Stakes is High

Redman – Muddy Waters

UGK – Ridin’ Dirty

Rass Kass – Soul on Ice

A Tribe Called Quest – Beats, Ryhmes and Life

Mobb Deep – Hell on Earth


It was a pivotal year in rap; many artists were redefining their movements and many artists were marking their influences. I also think this was the year that defined East, West, and the South as far as sounds. A lot of artists were marking their territory in their lyrics to uphold the image they were creating for each region. Take a listen, maybe you’ll find the influences of some of your current favorite rappers.


by Amalia Monroy

IG: amalia.monroy

Twitter: amaliaM_

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