Melloe Won

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It seems since birth Melloe Won was drawn to music. Inspired by classic hip-hop like Run–D.M.C., Beastie Boys, De La Soul, Eric B. & Rakim, and Big Daddy Kane at a young age, this Los Angeles native’s passion was fueled by his love of music mixed with his love of sports. Hip-hop played a huge part in his attire as every artist he looked up to had all of the latest gear so since elementary school, he channeled his hustle and drive while waiting patiently for the newest Air Jordan’s and dreamed of the days when he could live the true hip-hop lifestyle.

With everything now in order, Melloe Won’s newest venture is hosting White Label Radio where he will showcase the best old school hip-hop for audiences to turn up, enjoy, and reminisce on. With hip-hop in its 40’s, classic hip-hop heads are having kids and grandkids and it is White Label Radio’s goal to teach them and expose them to what real music is all about. With Melloe at the helm, he will be able to share his knowledge and passion while spreading the love of hip-hop to the world.