U-God Sues the Wu For 2.5 Mil


U-God from Wu-Tang Clan says he’s owed at least $2.5 million for all the work he’s given towards the Clan and is planning to take the group to court in order to receive his revenue. Lamont ‘U-God’ Hawkins has claimed that he’s written about 170 songs for the group but hasn’t been getting his fair share of the money for past 6 years. According to Hawkins, his contract requires him to receive 2 annual paychecks for his part of merchandise revenue but has been cut from receiving those payments. He was also set to receive money from the secret album “Once Upon A Time in Shaolin” which was bought by Martin Shkreli for $2M and apparently hasn’t received a dime from that income either. According to TMZ, Hawkins reportedly puts most of the blame on RZA and Mitchell “Divine” Diggs for blocking him from receiving fair pay.

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