Today in Hip Hop History – Onyx: All We Got Iz Us


Onyx released their second album “All We Got Iz Us” October 24, 1995. The album reached gold sales status despite having no radio-friendly, MTV-friendly tracks on the album. Turning away from the more humorous and entertaining approach of their debut, “All We Got Iz Us” had an overall darker and more serious tone, dealing with subjects such as suicide, heavy substance abuse and racism. Sticky Fingaz stresses himself as the lyricist of the crew, while Fredro Starr provides the solid but simplistic beats. Onyx cares little about solutions to the problems that have riled them up, they’re simply reacting to them by letting out a harsh roar of anger and violence. Perhaps the forerunners of hardcore artists such as DMX, they in many ways opened up the grimy, lowdown flow.

The standout tracks include: “Last Dayz,” “Live Niguz,” “Walk In New York,” “Shout,” and “Geto Mentalitee,”



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