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Melloe Won had the ultimate hip-hop conversation with one of the originators of the southern hip-hop movement, Scarface. Brad “Scarface” Jordan is one of the most prominent voices to ever come out the South. He is the foundation of the legendary group Geto Boys and defined what it meant to be a Southern thug rapper. He put Huston hip-hop on the map. Face was involved in the creation of some classic material and is a true living legend in the game. Everyone from Ice Cube and Dr. Dre to Master P, 2pac and Nas collaborated with the former Geto Boy — Face has had the ability to work with legends and can compete lyrically or out do them on tracks.

The harsh nature of his lyrics along with his baritone voice — Scarface was using hip hop as an outlet to explore drug abuse, mental health issues and the root causes of violent problems in the urban community. He used music as a space to confess his darkest thoughts filled with violent imagery. Scarface became the most admired because of his ability to compare universal truths: Love, sadness, betrayal, paranoia and death. His music is respected world-wide, and you can find Face fans everywhere from the “hood to Hollywood.”


In the 80s Face first hit the scene as a member of the Geto Boys. Late in the late 90’s he then emerged as a solo artist with tracks like “Smile” with 2pac and “I Seen a Man Die.” It wasn’t until the new millennium that Scarface continued to create more classic works including his album Last of a Dying Breed (2000). He was awarded Lyricist of the Year at the 2001 Source Awards and was offered a promising deal with Def Jam Records- South division. His first move as a head of the Atlanta office was signing the labels first recording artist, a former radio DJ calling himself Ludacris, who turned out to be a major success achieving platinum status multiple times – We know.

In 2002 Scarface continues to create, releasing another album, The Fix LP. Led by a Kanye West produced collab with Jay-Z and Beanie Sigel, “Guess Who’s Back,” and “My Blcok,” attracted a greater embrace from fans.

He has written everything from shock rap to top charting hits, to songs about deep depression, West coast funk to East coast boom bap. Originally written to be a solo effort, Face wrote a song many consider to be the best rap song every recorded, “Mind Playing Tricks On Me,” hip hops most famous paranoia anthem that inspired a whole generation of rappers to rap about the mental stress of the gangsta lifestyle. “I sit alone in my four-cornered room staring at candles, ” he says on the intro — Ten words; a perfect example of how face is a great story-teller, and can write songs that create vivid imagery.

Although, you will rarely hear him speak or brag about it, Scarface is music producer that is heavily slept on, and an extremely underrated musician with an extensive love of classic rock music. He’s co-produced and written a number of hit records.

At the beginning of our show, Uncle Scarface sheds the ridiculous stigma surrounding the Southern rapper stereotype, and hoped to be regarded as one of raps living legends, regardless of region. His peers know. Ask any valid rapper, they’ll tell you. Scarface is considered amongst hip-hops elites. He definitely makes our greatest rappers of all-time list.

Have a listen to the full interview and get back at us with your thoughts.

*Face is also back on his music grind as he is prepping to release his new album Deeply Rooted dropping September 4th this year.



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