Pusha T Stars In Powerful and Emotional Prison Reform PSA Video

In a powerful and moving video produced by Fictionless for their MySentence campaign fighting against minimum sentencing, Terrence ‘Pusha T’ Thornton tells the story of Norman Brown, a former inmate who spent most of his adult years in prison because of minimum sentencing. In the video, Pusha is speaking directly to the camera reading the words of Brown, about his story, his experience, and his growth within the years he was behind bars. “In 2015 my lawyer called and told me President Obama had commuted my sentence. I was shocked.”, Pusha reads, “I’m still learning how to use a smartphone. It’s smarter than me. When I went in, cell phones were the size of 35 millimeter cameras.” With Brown going through so much in his life, losing a majority of his adult life, losing 4 members of his family, and missing the moment his daughter was born, he is growing positively and currently helps other inmates transition their lives to reach a goal of eventually leaving prison and also counsels juveniles. Pusha has been involved greatly with political issues and this is a truly inspiring and emotional video that he has involved himself in. Watch the video made in collaboration with ECCO (The Entertainment Consortium Collaborative Outreach Program) here:




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