Nas Names His Favorite “New Generation” Rappers

Recently in an interview, Nas sat down with Revolt TV’s Andre Harrell to talk about music, and his favorite emcee’s of the new generation of hip-hop. In the interview he talks about serious topics like politics and the reverse racism made towards the presidency of Barack Obama, and the history of hip-hop in Queens, NY. But as for his favorite rappers, he names J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Lil Wayne, and Rick Ross. Watch the videos below to watch this interview!


Nas recently celebrated the 10-year anniversary to his controversially-titled LP Hip-Hop is Dead. But as the legendary poet will tell you today, the culture is alive and well. He recently sat down with REVOLT TV to discuss the state of the music and when asked who his favorite MCs of the newer eras were, five immediately came to mind.

“J. Cole, Kendrick, Drake, Wayne, Rick Ross,” he told REVOLT’s Vice Chairman Andre Harrell during a recent sit-down where the two talked politics, racism, and Nas’ music among other topics.

Socially conscious and socially active. Nas has always been one to not just educate and analyze on what’s going on in society in his music, but he’s also been known to get out of the studio and get into the community and speak out against what he feels are wrongdoings.

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