Liza Rios, Big Pun’s Widow, sues Fat Joe for $1 Million

When Big Pun released debut album Capital Punishment in 1998, it was a huge hit. It was the first solo album by a Latino rapper to reach platinum status and his follow up CD Yeeeah Baby was no different. Unfortunately, the talented rapper passed away just two months before releasing the sophomore album, and it has then been certified gold.

Apparently Liza Rios, Pun’s widow, has filed a lawsuit against the late rapper’s former business partner and friend, Fat Joe.  She’s claiming that he has cheated her out of money per an agreement with Big Pun. The agreement was settled upon the terms that half of the earnings from Pun’s albums, including LP Endangered Species, are supposed to be given to Rios in Pun’s absence. Rios claims that she has not seen any money since 2005, and she’s aware that the projects are still making money. According to thisis50.com, the widow is claiming over $ 1 million.



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