I Love The Year 2000!

In celebration of our 100th episode airing on Dash Radio this Sunday (along with our event, RSVP so you don’t miss out!) I’ve decided to write up a little list of my all time favorite songs of the year 2000! Many of these songs are pretty much the reason why I started listening to Hip Hop, the lyrics are pretty much embedded in my head forever.

1. A Song for Assata – Common (Like Water for Chocolate)

Okay this is at the top of the list for many reasons, and is an exemption, because in truth I didn’t hear this song until probably within the last three years, BUT Assata Shakur is a Queen in all sense of the word. A radical activist, Tupac Shakur’s Aunt, and a visionary; I’m extremely thankful for Common and his rendition of her being in this song

2. Mind Sex – Dead Prez (Lets Get Free)

3. I Just Wanna Love U – Jay Z (The Dynasty)

4.  Slum Village – Jealousy (Fantastic Vol.2)

5. Get Your Mind Right Mami – Jay Z (The Dynasty)

6. Parking Lot Pimpin – Jay Z (The Dynasty)

7. So Fresh, So Clean – Outkast (Stankonia)

8. Put it On Me – Ja Rule (3.36)

9. Wu Banga 101 – Ghostface Killah (Supreme Clientele)

10. Oh No – Mos Def, Pharoahe Monche, Nate Dogg (Lyricist Lounge 2)



So whenever I wasn’t worried about the world ending, or whatever else was going in 2000, I was hooked on this list. This is a small compilation of meaningful songs for me…..there was a lot of R&B hits released as well, but that calls for another blog, preferably with a candle scented ambiance….



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