Eminem Interviewed x Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colber, successor of David Letterman has found a temporary gig and has stepped in for the usual hosts of “Only In Monroe,” a public access channel in Monroe, Michigan. If you live in the great city of Monroe Michigan you probably already know about this.

Colber chops it up with his special guest “local Michigander who is making a name for himself in the competitive world of music:” Marshal Mathers. Hit 22:00 to skip the local shit and watch this weird, funny, and a bit awkward interview above.

“Are you one of the slow-talking rappers or one of the fast-talking rappers?” Colbert asks.

“I can be both I guess,” Mathers says.

“What kind of Rap do you do?” Colbert continues. “Are you sort of sing-songey Rap like Bone thugs-n-harmony or are you more like street like Will Smith?”

“I like Bone-thugs and I like Will Smith,” the rapper says, saying his personal style is in the middle of the two.

“Are you more political or are you more booty rhymes?” Colbert asks.

“In the middle,” Mathers says.

“Right in the middle of the booty?”

“Right in the crack probably.”

“Steamy, that’s a steamy place to have your career,” Colbert responds.

“Right, steamy place to be,” Eminem says.

Later in the interview, Colbert asks Slim Shady about his work on the forthcoming movie Southpaw. Eminem executively-produced the soundtrack and raps the song “Phenomenal.”

“If I go to these lengths and these extremes and however, if I keep trying, my perseverance is gonna turn me into something other than human, an animal,” he says of the song’s message.



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