Beanie Sigel Says He’s Apparently Done With Rap

Washington D.C radio host, Lil Mo, revealed Beanie Sigel’s apparent plans to quit rap and hip-hop for good. Breaking the news on her show, Lil Mo In The Morning on WKYS 93.9, the host said that Sigel texted her husband about the end of his era. Mo says, “…he’s like he doesn’t mean to hurt anybody but at the end of the day he said…Maybe it’s a God thing. Maybe it’s a inner thing, but, yeah. I don’t know.” Back in May 2015, Sigel joined Jay-Z on stage at Tidal’s B-Sides concert, which led fans to lots of excitement for a hopeful collab, but that looks like those dreams will be crushed. Lil Mo even had some hope for a collab between the two saying, “I thought after he performed with Jay when they had the big Tidal concert, it was sort of like be crazy after that, [but] he just doesn’t feel it anymore” Hopefully Sigel isn’t completely done, and we get to hear a few last tracks before he retires!


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