Ambrosia For Heads Feature: “MTV Ultrasound: Life On Death Row Records”

Ambrosia For Heads did a great feature on one of the best (and very rare) documentaries of Death Row Records, MTV Ultrasound: Life On Death Row. It’s even argued to be better than Suge Knight’s On The Real.  “That said, MTV was one of the finer sources for documentary journalism. In 1999, after 2Pac’s murder, during Suge’s ongoing incarceration for felony parole violation, and following the mass exodus of Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Kurupt, and DJ Quik (as “David Blake”), “Ultrasound” turned its lens on Tha Row. The one-hour episode, written by Chris Connelly (now an ESPN reporter/Grantland film critic), features rare footage, and commentary from all sides of the infamous Gangsta Rap label. Here, you will get information that celebrates the good and the evil reputation of the label, now owned by a Toronto, Ontario-based media group following Knight’s bankruptcy.”

MTV’s Ultrasound rivals many production that had already been put out, especially since most of the documentaries were extremely biased. And even though it does not air on MTV today, it is available online in 4 parts. Check them out, and read the whole Ambrosia article here.


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